Translation, interpretation, multilingual DTP, staffing, etc.
Full-time staff members with different first languages are in the office, ready to provide strong support for your international business activities!

Company Vision

☞ AA International contributes to the society by providing services to customers aiming for globalization.
☞ AA International strives to creates a work environment that offers the opportunity for individual self-actualization so each of us can have lively and meaningful lives.

Translation Service


Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean, English, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and other Southeast Asian and European languages.
(Our office is staffed full-time with native speakers of English, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Japanese.)

Field of Expertise

Electronics, Computers, Telecommunication, Tech/Engineering, Chemical, Automotive, Textiles, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Patents, Law, Financial, Economics, Architecture, Construction, Tourism, Nuclear Engineering, etc.

Type of Documents

Technical documents, instruction manuals, specification sheets, academic writings, patents, company profiles, catalogs, contracts, survey materials, etc.

Interpretation Service

We will select and send an excellent interpreter from more than 1,000 registrants around the country.
(English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Vietnamese/Indonesian/Russian/ and more)

◎We can also arrange local interpreters in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, and other areas, so please consult us.

Multilingual DTP

We replace the Japanese text in the masters for prints (company profiles, tourist information, etc.) with your desired foreign language text.
We can also make foreign language prints into other languages’.


  • Adobe Illustrator ver8~cc(WIN・MAC)
  • InDesign cs2~cc(WIN・MAC)
  • AUTO CAD 2005~2016
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • CorelDRAW
  • QuarkXPress

Website localization


English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, other Southeast Asian and European languages

Completed Projects

We have translated Japanese language websites into foreign languages’ for local governments such as Osaka Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture, established hotels, and many other companies.

Voice over in foreign Languages

We respond to your request to have foreign language documents used for video or audio guidance etc by our native staff of the language .  Our performance delivered outstanding results in our past, such as a product introduction at exhibitions,  municipalities’s tourist information videos,  teaching material videos, and  audio guides in  various museums. Narration is very different from translation of the normal sentences. It is expected that readable expression and understandable description for narrators. Moreover, the narration contents have to be matched video images within a time constraint.

Audo and video transcription

We transcribe the recorded Japanese and foreign languages into a text file.  Our service can handle recoded speech such as lectures, seminars, sessions, conferences, interviews, foreign TV programs, and  videos. The contents input for Word or Excel files.

English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese ) , Korean, Thai, French etc are past performances.

Translation of subtitles

Translation and subtitles creation for the training videos

Translation and creation of foreign language subtitles for employee training,  training videos and seminar pictures, etc.

Translation and creation of a telop, the subtitles of the video

We work with many languages, such as Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean, English, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, etc.

Translation and creation of subtitles for inbounds

Translation and creation of  subtitles of pictures and facility guidance videos for foreign tourists.

We translate the telop of the video into a foreign language. The service is different from an ordinary translation. The sentence has to be matched the picture and the number of letters is  restricted, too.

Temporary staffing

General Worker Dispatching Undertaking Licence System authorized number : General 27-300752
License for Fee-Charging Employment  Placement Businesses: 27-ユ-301775

Expert  worker dispatch service
・English, Chinese, Korean etc, staff with other language skills, engineers, desighners, language teachers ,interpreters ,light workers

Employment placement dispatching
・It is a system that accepts temporary staff for a certain period, then determine the employee employment after judging the abilities and appropriateneness of the staff himself/herself.
・During the  dispatch period, a company and a temporary staff have determined each other before an employment contract is established, it will be possible to prevent mismatches  and effective talented person security is enabled.

Business contracting
・Out-sourcing business (Business contract) is to outsource a part of the work and  a management method that enhances management skills of companies, it does not serve all duties  with regular employees. This method can be reduced fixed costs by  a specialist, the powerful, flexible business management will be easy in a wave of the economy and a changes of the times.

Employment placement
・We invite excellent students from the Vietnam Institute of Technology or other  prestigious universities and introduce the right students.

Acceptance and introduction of foreign  intern trainees and engineers

Foreign  intern acceptance system means that foreigners who received residence status authorization based on legal procedures will inform developing countries through practucal training (labor) of industrial technology, skills and knowledge to develop country, economic development of that country. It is a public system that aims to contribute to a human recources development and to revitalize business and regions while building trust and friendship between two countries. Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) supports the dissemination of this system. We offer free support to companies that  wish to accept  Vietbamese trainees.